We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Think Different, Think Liquids

When you think about fertilizing your soil, you probably envision a dry amendment that is sprinkled onto or mixed into the soil, but there is another way to get nutrients to your plants—liquids. Easy Organic is proud to offer three quality organic and sustainable liquid fertilizers and amendments for your lawn, garden, and landscape: Liquid #3 2-3-1, Liquid 3-4-3 and Concentrated Liquid Kelp. These liquids can be used as transplanting solutions, as supplemental foliar or drip applications, or as fertilizers.


Why liquid fertilizers?

Liquid fertilizers add a level of flexibility to your fertilization plan that is not available from dry fertilizer

  1. Suitable for all types of plants and crops
    • Lawns
    • Vegetables
    • Tuber vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, etc)
    • Flowers
    • Indoor plants
    • Field and row crops (corn, soybeans, grains, alfalfa, etc)
    • Tree fruits and nuts
    • Berries and grapes
    • Trees & shrubs
  2. Multiple methods of application
    • Transplant solution or seed drench
    • Hydroponic
    • Drip application
    • Fertigation
    • Foliar application by hand, from a simple spray bottle to squeeze pump or other liquid applicator
  3. Application of the right amount, from single plants to an entire crop
    • It’s easy to scale up or down the amount of liquid fertilizer needed
    • From a teaspoons per gallon of water for flowers to 2-3 gallons per acre for row crops
  4. Easy application allows you to apply when needed throughout the growing season
    • Starter fertilizer for row crops
    • Daily for vegetables and flowers
    • Weekly or bi-weekly for home and garden plants, and berries
    • 2-3 times a year for lawns, trees or shrubs

One note of caution: To increase nutrient absorption and lower the risk of burn, avoid applying foliar fertilizers to leaves in the heat of the day and apply a fine mist.  Do not drench the leaves.


Why organic?

Organic solutions are available for most plant nutrition needs, and liquid fertilizers are no different.  Organic fertilizers are the healthy, safe and sustainable option for all your growing needs.

Liquid organic fertilizers are made from organic components that are blended together depending on the application.  Two key components are Liquid Kelp and Fish Emulsion.  Together, these two components form a superfood for your plants.


Benefits of Liquid Kelp and Fish Emulsion

Harvested from sustainable seaweed, liquid kelp carries many benefits along with it. Its naturally high iodine content helps to repel insects and increase nutrient synthesis in the gro­wing plant. Kelp also contains plant growth stimulants called cytokinins which occur naturally in kelp and are one of the reasons that kelp grows over 40 feet long. They encourage the plant to continue nutrient absorption and growth throughout the growing season.

Liquid fish emulsion is high in amino acids which con­tribute to crop quality and nutrient density in vegetables. The fish portion also includes NPK to help satisfy the plant’s demands as it grows.


Liquid Organic fertilizer blends

Easy Organic offers several options of liquid organic fertilizer blends, to meet a variety of application needs.


Liquid #3 2-3-1

Fertrell Liquid #3 3-2-1 is a must when planting, because it is an excellent transplant or seed drench. Additionally, Liquid #3 can be used to provide nutrients to growing plants as a foliar, drench or drip application. It is a 50/50 kelp and fish emulsion blend that also contains liquid humates to increase nutrient uptake and stimulate soil biology.

  • Spray on young crops to promote strong early growth.
  • Restore vitality to crops damaged by herbicides.
  • Provide supplemental nutrition at times of stress, including budding, pod formation and fruiting.
  • A great option for lawns, vegetables, gardens, home growing, as well as fruit trees and nuts, berries and larger-scale field crops

For more detail and application rates, click here: Fertrell Liquid #3 3-2-1


Liquid 3-4-3

Fertrell Liquid 3-4-3 is a versatile liquid fertilizer with a higher quantity of immediately available macronutrients —3% Nitrogen, 4% Phosphorus and 3% Potassium. It is also a fish-based product that can be used similarly to Liquid #3, as a transplant drench at planting or foliar, drench or drip applied during the growing season. Because of its robust analysis it should be your go-to liquid product when you have plants with higher nutrient needs.

Beneficial for vegetable gardens, lawns, corn and row crops, trees and shrubs, flowers and more. 

For more detail and application rates, click here: Fertrell Liquid 3-4-3


Concentrated Liquid Kelp

Concentrated Liquid Kelp provides the benefits of the liquid kelp without the fish base of our other liquid fertilizers. Liquid kelp provides trace minerals and micronutrients along with plant hormones. The plant hormones, auxins and cytokinins, help boost the natural immune system of your plants enabling them to cope with stresses—disease and pest pressure, heat and cold stress and drought stress. Additionally, kelp provides a dose of iodine, which is readily absorbed and can deter some pests. 

Beneficial for seeds, bulbs, seedlings, indoor plants, outdoor plants and vegetables, berries and grapes, as well as crops including corn, soybeans, grains, alfalfa, root and tuber vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, etc).

For more detail and application rates, click here: Liquid Kelp Concentrate


Easy Organic liquids are available in quarts and gallons and are available for immediate shipment. Order today, and apply as soon as it arrives, for maximum results in your yard, landscape and garden this summer.

The rates provided for these liquid products are estimates based on typical soils. The best way to know exactly what kinds and amounts of liquids to apply for your plants is to have your soil tested. With a professional lab analysis of your soil, we can provide you with detailed recommendations about fertilization to maximize your plantings growth and yield.


Questions?  Contact us today!

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