We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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Fertilize your Lawn this Summer - it's not too late

Mid-season organic liquid fertilizer for lawns


An organic liquid fertilizer is a great option to give your lawn a boost during the summer.  If you applied an organic dry fertilizer at the beginning of the season, like Earth Friendly All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer or Turf Pro 5-0-5, it will continue to feed your lawn throughout the summer.  The addition of an organic liquid fertilizer like Liquid #3 2-3-1 Organic Fertilizer will diversify the nutrients in your soil, add supplemental nutrition and introduce key micronutrients to keep your lawn going strong.


Why organic liquid fertilizer?


Many liquid fertilizers are composed of water-soluble chemicals that technically contain the NPK macro-nutrients your plants need but are not long-lasting and are susceptible to leaching, run-off and burning plants if mis-applied. 

Organic liquid fertilizers provide a more balanced blend of the NPK and micronutrients found in their natural components.  The two primary components of organic liquid fertilizers are fish and kelp, and ours are made with the highest quality processes to deliver maximum nutrition to your plants.  Since fish and kelp fertilizers are beneficial for all plants, vegetable gardens, flower beds and ornamental plantings can be fertilized at the same time as your lawn.  In addition to regular applications throughout the season, fish and kelp organic fertilizers are a great option to help plants recover from stresses including weather or herbicide damage.

Click here for more detail about our Organic Liquid Fertilizers.  


Applying liquid organic fertilizer


You don’t need to apply a large amount of liquid organic fertilizer for great results for your lawn.  As a supplement to dry organic fertilizer, one gallon covers 42,000 square feet (one acre) at 3 ounces per 1,000 square feet.

All you need is a spray applicator and hose.  Here’s the “vintage” spray applicator that I found in my garage.  It worked great!

Fertrell Liquid #3 and Sprayer

Another highly recommended option is this sprayer from Chapin.

Plan to apply early in the morning or late in the evening, when the fertilizer is more readily absorbed by plants. Before starting, check the reach of your hose.  My hose was too short to reach the entire lawn, so I divided the lawn into 3 separate sections and moved the hose as needed.  Based on the size of each part of the lawn, I calculated the ounces of fertilizer needed for that area.

Measurements and dilution do not need to be perfect.  For this organic product, the goal is to provide the right amount of fertilizer for the size of the area.  The dilution ratio is flexible.  For each area of lawn, I added the right amount of fertilizer to the applicator.

The sprayer is designed for the water from the hose to pull the fertilizer from the jar.  As the hose sprayed, I could control when the fertilizer was applied, and for modern sprayers the rate of application can be adjusted.  You may want to start with the area furthest from the hose attachment and work your way backwards.  For each part of the lawn, I applied until the jar was empty.  I repeated the process after moving the hose to the next section of lawn and measuring the fertilizer for that area into the jar.  Be sure to rinse out your sprayer when finished to be ready for your next application.

That’s all it took for the perfect mid-summer fertilizer boost for my lawn.  I’ll apply Liquid #3 2-3-1 Organic Fertilizer 2-3 more times this season to keep my garden, landscape and lawn going strong throughout the summer.

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