We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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About us - the Easy Organic story

Easy Organic was born in Pennsylvania to bring the products that we love to use at home to homes everywhere.


From 25 years’ experience growing food in our home garden, raising chickens, sheep and pigs for food and show, running our own small-scale CSA and advising local farmers on the right organic products for their crops, we have a wealth of experience to share to make growing organic easy!  Check out some of our previous endeavors here.


For us, organic and natural isn’t the latest trend, it’s the way we’ve been growing from the beginning, and we have seen the results of organic agriculture and tasted the difference.  There’s nothing better than knowing that your food is produced with only the best and most sustainable products and processes.


Now, more than ever, is a great time to grow organic, and the trusted products at Easy Organic will help bring your soil and garden to life with the bounty and peace of mind that only organic agriculture can bring.


We’d love to hear about your organic journey, so please contact us!