We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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Kelp Meal Organic Fertilizer
Kelp Meal Organic Fertilizer
Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal

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Kelp Meal for Soil Improvement and Animal Nutrition

Fertrell feed-grade North Atlantic Kelp Meal is a great organic solution for your soil and animals. Kelp is an ocean plant that absorbs many micro-nutrients from the sea. Our sea kelp powder is dehydrated and chopped seaweed of the ascophyllum nodosum variety from the North Atlantic.


Soil Amendment and Fertilizer

As a soil fertilizer, kelp meal conditions the soil, builds soil life, stimulates root development, reduces the effects of drought and frost and improves water retention in the soil. Kelp Meal is a naturally balanced source of minerals and other essential nutrients and contains natural plant growth stimulants/ hormones like cytokines, auxins, and gibberellins. By activating microbial activity in the soil, the nutrients in kelp meal become available to plants in about two (2) weeks. These benefits make kelp meal an important component of many of our organic fertilizer blends.  Application rate: 15–25 lb/acre.

Benefits of kelp for plants:

  • Boosts the efficiency of any soil or potting mix to get the most from a limited space
  • Great for crops like lettuce and potatoes that demand very high levels of potassium, as well as lawns
  • One of the most effective ways to increase the size and storage life of a crop
  • Enhances root mass, making it ideal for all plants
  • Natural and organic, making it right for any chemical-free growing environment


Animal Nutrition Feed Supplement

As a 100% natural feed supplement for dietary nutrients, kelp is easily incorporated into a feed program for your livestock and may be blended with feed, provided as a free-choice supplement or top-dressed for individual animals, including chickens, goats and other livestock.

Manufactured by Acadian Seaplants Limited. ASL™, our Kelp Meal is a naturally balanced and chelated source of trace minerals and contains a broad range of minerals and other essential nutrients necessary for optimal animal nutrition. Chelate refers to the metallic ion being attached an organic molecule. These chelated minerals are typically more bioavailable to the animal and are more readily transported and absorbed in the body.

Benefits of kelp for livestock:

  • Improves hoof health and helps decrease incidence of strawberry warts and foot rot
  • Helps improve thyroid function and regulates metabolism, body temperature, and body weight.
  • Reduces incidence of pink eye because of the natural iodine.
  • Improves immune function


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For a customized analysis of the nutrients and fertilizer needs for your soil, test your soil and grow with confidence.

 Available in a 50# paper bag and a 10# foil bag.


Guaranteed Analysis (NPK, soil amendment):

Total Nitrogen (N), 1%
Water Soluble Nitrogen, 0%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen, 1%
Available Phosphate (P2O5), 0.15%
Soluble Potash (K2O), 2%
Calcium (Ca), 1%
Magnesium (Mg), 0.5%
Sulfur (S), 2%

Guaranteed Analysis (animal nutrition):

Crude Protein, min 4%
Crude Fat, min 2%
Crude Fiber, min 8%
Salt (NaCl), max 9%
Potassium (K), min 2%
Iodine (I), min 300ppm