We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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WeedBan Corn Gluten Meal


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WeedBan Corn Gluten Meal

WeedBan is the first natural weed control on the market; made from corn gluten meal, a byproduct of corn syrup production, it works by stopping the development of the secondary feeder roots causing the seedling to die.  It won't be harmful to children and pets, even immediately after application.

*Please note that this product is used for natural weed suppression, but it cannot be certified organic. 

Available in 50 lb bags.

Weed Control

This is a pre-emergent weed preventer, effective against dandelions, crabgrass, clover, creeping bent grass, foxtail, lamb's quarter, purslane, redroot pigweed, smart weed, barnyard grass and bermuda grass.  However, it will not kill already established weeds.  Use in early spring and fall to prevent unwanted seeds from becoming unwanted weeds.


WeedBan converts to approximately 10% nitrogen as it breaks down after application. It is a weed and feed product, not just a herbicide.  The nitrogen in WeedBan is slow release and will feed your lawn over a long period of time.

For a customized analysis of the nutrients and fertilizer needs for your soil, test your soil and grow with confidence.


We recommend an early spring (February – March) and fall (late July -August) application.  Use at least 60 days prior to seeding.  Do not use on newly seeded areas.  The application rate for lawn is 20# per 1,000 square feet.  For lawns, the spreader setting should be about 2/3 open.  For gardens, work WeedBan into 2-3 inches of topsoil.  After application, the lawn or garden should be deeply watered. 

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N), 10%
Water Soluble Nitrogen, 8.81%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen, 1.19%
Available Phosphate (P2O5), 0%
Soluble Potash (K2O), 0%