We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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Organic Chick Grower No Soy Protein Blend

Organic Chick Grower No Soy Protein Blend

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The Chick Grower Protein Blend organic chicken feed formulation combines organic no soy protein with Poultry Nutri-balancer, calcium, and organic alfalfa meal to create the perfect Organic Soy Free Protein Blend. With this premix poultry protein supplement, all you need to do is add in corn to have a complete no soy high protein chicken feed for your birds! The Poultry Nutri-balancer component adds the natural vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and probiotics in the right proportions for complete nutrition.  Use our Chick Grower Protein Blend for broilers weeks 3-Finish.

Makes an 18% protein Chick Grower ration with all organic chicken feed ingredients when mixed with 37.5 lbs. of medium cracked or coarse ground corn.  Offer free choice to your poultry.  Can also be used with other grains aside from corn.  Ask for details.

Also available in Chick Starter and Layer Protein Blends.

Certified Organic by MOSA.

Available in 25 lb paper bags.


Guaranteed analysis (without corn):
Crude Protein (min), 32%
Crude Fat (min), 4%
Crude Fiber (max), 9%
Calcium (min), 3.5%
Calcium (max), 4.0%
Phosphorus (min), 1.65%
Salt (min), 1.0%
Salt (max), 1.15%
Lysine (min), 1.15%
Methionine (min), 0.9%