We make growing organic easy!
We make growing organic easy!
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Flower Care
Flower Care Organic Fertilizer

Flower Care 3-4-3

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Flower Care is a blended organic natural plant food designed to increase the health of your flowering plants and produce more blooms. Readily available phosphorus speeds germination and promotes rapid and vigorous growth.

Use Flower Care as a high phosphorus fertilizer for annuals and perennials throughout your flower garden.

Available in 5 lb foil bag.

For a customized analysis of the nutrients and fertilizer needs for your soil, test your soil and grow with confidence.

Usage Guide (from the manufacturer): 
Flowers:  Apply 5 lbs per 100 sqft in spring and fall
Bulbs:  One-half cup per hole when planting.
Guaranteed Analysis (NPK):
Total Nitrogen (N), 3%
Water Soluble Nitrogen, 0.75%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen, 2.25%
Available Phosphate (P2O5), 4%
Soluble Potash (K2O), 3%
Calcium (Ca), 6%
Sulfur (S), 3%